Danish Multipurpose Farm Limited

Bangladesh is a developing country with an agriculture-based economy. Crops, livestock, fisheries, and forest products account for about 16 percent of Bangladesh’s total GDP and employ approximately 47 percent of the total population.  Most agricultural production in Bangladesh is characterized by traditional subsistence farming of poultry, fisheries, and cattle. Diversification of agricultural products and facilitating this half of the populace with quality inputs is a necessity for strengthening the economy and thus uplifting the standard of living of the rural population.

The Government of Bangladesh is inspiring both local and foreign investors to establish an agriculture-based business to ensure quality and profitable inputs to the local agricultural producers. Despite having a significant number of investments in the sector, small-scale producers are still in the hunt for quality inputs to boost their businesses to the next level.

At present, even with a respectable number of agriculture-based businesses in Bangladesh, with the necessity and the requirement of animal protein, quality input for poultry, fisheries, and cattle are still high and the market is unsaturated. The investment in this sector is highly prospective considering the present market trend & future market growth. Poultry, fisheries, and cattle in a broader spectrum, farming is a vital component to elevate the rural living standards, ensuring food security and safety, increasing protein consumption, empowering rural women, and decentralization of the economy. All these are important for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Accumulating all the factors Danish Multipurpose farm was established in 2017, a venture from the leading business conglomerate of the country to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector of the country and to be a part of the continuous development of food safety, security and protein availability for the future generation.


Industry: Agro Business

Business Type: Business to Business

Planned Products: Poultry, Fish and Cattle Feed

Current product line: Poultry 

Feed Product



Broiler Starter

Broiler Grower

Broiler Finisher



Layer Starter

Layer Grower

Layer Layer- 1

Layer Layer - 2


Sonali Starter

Sonali Grower

Sonali Finisher



Poultry Feed Products: Poultry feed products are the key input for producing meat and eggs. Chicken meat and eggs are the cheapest sources of protein feeding the country. To have the optimum profitability for the farmers and entrepreneurs involved in this sector readymade poultry feeds play a pivotal role. Providing the most nutrition-balanced feed for every stage of the birds is the key to success.

Broiler Feed: Commercial Broiler or commonly known as Broiler is the type of chicken that is raised commercially for meeting the demand of protein to feed the huge population of the country. Keeping the price low of the produced meat is highly dependent on the quality of the commercial feed fed to the chicken while rearing.

Layer Feed: Egg is the most affordable source of protein in the country. Commercial layer farms keep the supply. Being the key and regular input cost of the layer farm, feed quality is the primary determinant of the profitability.

Sonali Feed: Sonali is a breed of chicken raised for meat. It shares some property of the indigenous chicken, which is so favourite of Bengali people. The hardness of meat, structure, and resemblances with “Deshi Chicken” while at a comparatively lower cost.

Future Product Line: Full Range of Fish and Cattle Feed Products

Possible Extension in consumer Market: Yes




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